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La Mountain Herd Information

Our Dainty Ladies

Jasmine.jpg GCH La Mountain GNA Jasmine
DOB: March 13 2006
Classified: 07 16 2011
Mammary: Excellent
Final score: Excellent
Milk Production: 3*P
Select Doe Certification 12/13/12
West National Toggenburg
Grand Champion
2009 & 2010
Lilac.jpg La Mountain GCE Lilac
DOB:May 05 2006
Classified: 09/07/2011
Mammary: Excellent
Final score: VG 88
Milk Production; 3*P
West National Toggenburg
Reserve Grand Champion 2009
Lotus.jpg La Mountain GCE Lotus
DOB: February 28 2008
Classified: 09/07/2011
Mammary VG 88;
Final score VG 89
Milk Production: 3*P

We have been blessed with a herd possessing superlative bloodlines, extraordinarily sweet temperaments, and great milk producers. Every year, this herd gives back so much more than we ever thought possible, as Toggenburg dairy goat breeders.

We are also reminded of the greatness of these gifts with the humbling realities of farm life. We sadly remember our Buttercup who died at 11 years. GCH La Mountain GNA Lily and La Mountain GCE Violet who died of milk fever and GCH La Mountain GCA Daffodil who died of cancer, a nasal tumor.

In Remembrance
Violet.jpg La Mountain GCE Violet (2 year 2nd freshener) Mammary VG 88; final score VG 89 2009

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