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La Mountain Herd Information

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Our last name means "the mountain" in French. So, it follows that we would register our exclusive line of goats with an easily identified name. All the names for progeny from our foundation stock officially begin with "La Mountain" and all the does (females) are named after flowers.

Our herd is CAE + CL Negative. We test  our milking does every year and use a prevention method of feeding pasteurized and heat treated colostrums to the kids. We keep a closed herd.

Our Herd participates in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program. We are at level D - 2012.

The Canadain Goat Society awards exceptional animals that have met or exceeded the required criteria for the three CGS dairy programs show, type classification and milk recording.When points are won in each category up to 9 or higher the doe may be recognized for a special award called the Select Doe Certificate Award.

We are proud of GCH La Mountain GNA Jasmine and GCH LA Mountain GCE Daffodil who have received their Select Doe Certificate.

We participate in the CGS Classification Program. Several of our does have made their Excellent status and our buck Galilee EF Czoo's Emissary made Excellent in his classification score in 2011.

Our herd participates in the Canadain Goat Society 305 day Milk Production Program. We have several does who have made their star P several years in a row and also made it to Canada's Top Ten Miking Toggenburg List.

Our herd has participated in  West National Shows in 2006, 2009 & 2010 and surprised us by winning Grand Champion Toggenburg in each show.


Introducing the La Mountain Herd
As we compete in sanctioned shows and country fairs, many of the photos here are from our various local and national competitions.

Click here for some of our competitions and standings.
Emissary.jpg Galilee EF C Zoo’s Emissary
DOB: April 5th 2006
Classification Date:2011/07/16
Final Score-Excellent
Buttercup.jpg Wynngate N.A.Buttercup
DOB: May 8 1999-Sept. 06 2010
Classified: 2005/06/03
Mammary:VG 89
Final Score: Excellent
lily.jpg GCH La Mountain GNA Lily
DOB: May 18 2003-Aug. 25th 07
Classified:2005/ 06/03
Mammary: Excellent
Final score: VG 89
West National: Grand Champion 2006
daffodil.png GCH La Mountain GCE Daffodil
DOB: May 4 2008-April 1st 2012
Classified: 2011 07 16
Mammary: VG 88
Final: VG 88
305 day Milk Production: 2*P
Select Doe: Dec. 13/2012
West NationalToggenburg
Junior Champion- 2009
Reserve Senior Champion- 2010
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