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We're Members In Good Standing

The Canadian Goat Society supervises the Registry for nine purebred breeds of goats as well as a Special Registry for upgraded animals. CGS also conducts programs and services to educate breeders and helps them to evaluate animals and their performance.


We're In Good Company


VIGA meets 9 times a year at members’ homes throughout Vancouver Island. We meet to learn from each other, promote goats as great farm family animals, and socialize. During the summer, VIGA staffs a kiosk at 5 country fairs, handing out samples of goat cheese, and ribbons to the kids who try their hand at milking!

We're Provincial Members

BCGBA is British Columbia's provincial goat association. All breeds and types of goats are represented within BCGBA by these regional associations:

Fraser Valley Goat Breeders Association
Interior Goat Owners Association
Vancouver Island Goat Association

We're National Members


Canadian Livestock Records Corporation provides a variety of Membership and Registration Services for 57 Breed Associations. A listing of association members, and information about the animals in those members’ herds is now available on the Internet.

Links to Association Websites

Contact us at 250-753-2035 for more information, or to join any of these fine organizations. We'll be happy to direct you to the appropriate contact.