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How We Got Started

A Brief History

Originally, we started farm life with a cow and calf, thinking this was the way to our own milk and beef. We started to grow a small herd with just a few of our cows producing calves, and soon learned that our 3 acres was not sufficient to support all these animals. They were eating us out of house and home!

Although they did bring us a great beef calf each year, the cost of the feed and the required time spent cleaning their quarters became a chore, and not a hobby. As half of our family appeared to be cow milk sensitive with symptoms of eczema and asthma, it wasn't too difficult to part with the cows.So, we sold our last cow when it got too old.

We had no animals for a few years but then our niece came to live with us. She took a great interest in raising chickens, and we soon found ourselves raising purebred black-breasted Red Banty's. In supporting our niece, who was by then involved in the 4H Poultry club, we naturally attended the local county fairs.

Our Hearts Were Stolen

It All Happened At The Fair

While attending the county fair, we saw Toggenburg dairy goats for the first time, and fell in love with them right off the bat. Hearing that goats milk may be easier to digest we decided to give raising dairy goats a try. Fortunately, the special characteristics of goat's milk did make a difference.

Toggenburg goats are very gentle animals with a rarely-found sweet disposition. These goats have now forged a real warm spot in our hearts. Harriet, one of our first goats, however, seemed determined to teach us that just because we knew about raising cows, they were no comparison to goats and she was right. She gave us many stories to chuckle over before we lost her in 2003. She only gave us one doe kid in 5 years, whom we named Dauphina.

Dauphina gave us several doe kids, but we eventually we sold her, and the Harriet line.

Great Beginnings

It Started with Love

Buttercup, whom we purchased in 1999, is now our foundation purebred Toggenburg doe, passing on many of her finest qualities to the other does in our herd.